I, Abhishek, am a Data Scientist, currently developing intelligent data-driven applications at OnlineSales.ai as well as working as a Research Assistant to Prof. D.T. Mane. I have previously interned at Sokrati and IBM ISL to develop applications in Computer Vision and Natural Language using cutting edge tools and techniques.

I have obtained my B.E. degree from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, a premiere institute affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (previously known as “Pune University”). Over the period of this course, I have managed to fit in the aforemention interships as well as work on many interesting projects involving embedded systems , operating systems, developing web & cloud-based applications, as well as projects involving AI. Under the direction of Prof. D.T. Mane, I have built multiple Deep Learning solutions with real world applications.

On the side for fun, I run (3 time marathon finisher), trek, ride (my ride), listen to podcasts (my current favourite), read up other interdisciplinary research blogs and monitor multiple Github projects/Google scholar pages for ideas.

I plan to obtain a Masters degree in the immediate future. I hope to use this time to

  • study linear algebra, calculus, optimization techniques, probabilistic inference etc. in a comprehensive manner to understand current data modelling and inferencing techniques
  • conduct meaningful research in deep learning theory to develop model architectures capable of learning more abstract “representations” and learn “hierarchy in data”

Get my resume here.

You can find me on LinkedIn here.

You can find my projects on github at: ashirgao